Executive coaching
Through having meaningful conversations, we support and challenge leaders to be their best. By being authentic and identifying what is theirs to do, leaders act purposefully and bring others with them on the journey to a better future.

Identify leadership issues

We agree objectives for the coaching through exploratory conversations with the individual and their line manager. We review these objectives on an on-going basis as the coaching progresses.   

"Bridgework are gifted listeners with deep knowledge and expertise in leadership, communication and team-building. They inspired the group by bringing the dialogue alive. They have also undertaken ‘complex’ coaching assignments and has been a ‘thinking partner’ on the design of our global leadership workshop."
Simon Brocket, International HR Director, Twinings Ovaltine

Have insightful conversations

We create a safe and energising space where an individual feels able to reflect on current challenges and how to best move forward. We support and challenge individuals to be true to themselves.

Make leadership meaningful. 

We encourage individuals to find greater meaning in their work. We support individuals to find their place of belonging where they feel best able to do the work that is uniquely theirs to do.