Purposeful leadership
for a connected world.
We work with CEOs and leaders who want to create positive change by having the conversations that matter most. The lauded leadership styles of the past will not take us forward. By disrupting stuck patterns we help leaders to build trust, generate new thinking and inspire aligned action.

Our Purpose

We engage and energize people to do great work and strengthen organisations to become a force for good in the world. As bold pioneers, we encourage others to take ‘right’ action and do what is theirs to do. We bring integrity and wholeheartedness to cultivate trusting relationships, valuing each person’s uniqueness and our common humanity.

A bit about Sarah

Sarah Rozenthuler founded Bridgework in 2007 to strengthen leadership by engaging and energising people around great work. She is a chartered psychologist, leadership consultant, dialogue coach and author. 

Sarah’s passion for purposeful leadership comes from creating a career she loves after some lost years in her twenties. Having achieved a first class degree in psychology and a position at a global consultancy in psychometrics, she stepped away from the corporate world and into the unknown. After falling on hard times, she spent four years as a street circus performer, juggling fire in the fiestas of Spain, and then hit an all-time low.

Having experienced the pain of being disconnected from her true work, she is now passionate about helping others to become more purposeful in their lives and leadership by having the conversations that matter most.


A Respected author

Books by Sarah Rozenthuler include Powered by Purpose: How to Engage and Energise Your People Around Great Work (Pearson, 2020) and How to Have Meaningful Conversations: Seven Strategies for Talking About What Matters Most (Watkins, 2012.) Sarah’s work has been widely featured in the media including the Guardian, the Sunday Times, the FT, Psychologies Magazine, Huffington Post and the BBC online.


Our approach

We work with CEOs and leaders to have the conversations that matter most. We enable leaders to build strong teams and align stakeholders around a compelling purpose in order to create positive change. We partner with clients and other consultancies to design tailor-made programmes that catalyse sustainable behaviour change in leaders. 

  •  Do you have a nagging sense that you’re not doing what is really yours to do but you don’t know how to make this change happen? 
  • Do you want to create a collaborative team so that people are no longer pulling in different directions or getting distracted? 
  •  Does your organisation need to engage a much wider range of stakeholders or articulate a compelling purpose? 

If any of these questions resonate with you, we have the know-how to help. Do get in touch if you’d like a conversation.