I engage and energise
people to do great work.
Sarah has over 15 years’ experience as a consultant to global organizations such as Discovery Inc, Boots, Savills, NatWest, BCG, Book Trust and Choice Support. She has worked with CEOs and their teams, facilitated sessions for networks of NGOs, and given talks at international summits. Sarah’s areas of expertise include leadership development, relationship building, dialogue and Purpose.

Introduction to the author

Sarah Rozenthuler is a Chartered Psychologist, a leadership coach, a dialogue consultant, and a motivational speaker.

She is the author of Powered by Purpose: Energise people to do great work (2020), with a foreword by Paul Polman and How to have Meaningful Conversations: 7 strategies for talking about what matters (2012, 2019), with a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch.

“The world needs organisations to do good whilst making profit. Powered by Purpose is a practical guide for leading an organisation that fulfils both of these needs”
Bill Winters, CEO, Standard Chartered Bank

A FREE insights paper

'Doing Great Work - what Every Leader Needs to Know about Purpose' by Sarah Rozenthuler outlines seven top tips to activate purpose-led leadership. These include:

1. Energise your people. Engage and excite the people you lead to do great work. Inspire them with a bigger story. Make their day-to-day work feel meaningful. 

2. Focus on a better future. By knowing your past, build a bridge to a better tomorrow. Identify the positive change you want your organisation to make in the world. 

 3. Deepen your capacity. Develop your ability to lead with all your resources – head, heart and gut – in alignment. Be more human by finding creativity in uncertainty.  

To find out about all seven tips, download the paper now and get a fresh perspective on how you lead from what you read.



A Respected author

Books by Sarah Rozenthuler include Powered by Purpose: How to Engage and Energise Your People Around Great Work (Pearson, 2020) and How to Have Meaningful Conversations: Seven Strategies for Talking About What Matters Most (Watkins, 2012.) Sarah’s work has been widely featured in the media including the Guardian, the Sunday Times, the FT, Psychologies Magazine, Huffington Post and the BBC online.