Leading with Power and Grace

A two-day programme for women investing in their authentic capacity to lead powerfully. Given the complex global challenges we are facing – climate change, rising inequality, digital disruption – leaders increasingly need to strengthen their inner capacity to “meet” what comes at them with power and grace.

This highly participatory two-day programme explores how to align leadership with undervalued feminine capacities such as embodied knowing, cyclical awareness and surrendering to what wants to happen. It provides practical tools, deep insights and authentic companionship to explore how to overcome obstacles and make the most of opportunities, enabling women to lead from new ground.


Participating in this programme will enable you to access and lead from new ground as a woman whether you are:

  • Engaged in front line work in the private, public or third sector
  • Bringing to an end structures that no longer serve, or creating new life affirming ones
  • Experiencing a sense of transition in your personal or professional life (or both)

Participating in this programme supports you to:

  • Access untapped strengths that are essential for your leadership and wellbeing
  • Connect to deep wisdom in times of endings
  • Anchor in your own deep and innate sources of power and grace
  • Take action with greater confidence from a place of trust and courage
  • Release untapped power and grace by exploring the creative tension between “building” and “birthing”, “creating” and “incubating”, “deciding” and “allowing”, “completing” and “dying”


The programme consists of an original mix of experiential exercises, individual reflection, journalling, research inputs and whole group dialogue. We draw on a rich diversity of fields including women's development theory, myth and archetype, poetry and systemic coaching and constellations.

In the life of any system – an organisation, a community, a civilisation or a family – there are cycles. Personally, professionally and as part of her various systems, Leading with Power and Grace will enable each participant to:

  • Lead in her outer context from inner conditions that are life sustaining
  • Strengthen her innate feminine capacities to sense and align with larger patterns at play
  • Identify, include and experience feminine aspects of leadership essential in healthy systems
  • Engage and fortify 'ending muscles'
Programme and Booking Details

7th - 8th July 2022

7th - 8th December 2022

10am to 6pm each day




Standard Rate (organisationally sponsored): £590

Self-Sponsored / Sole Traders / Education / Third sector: £295

Returners Rate for women who have previously attended: £225

A limited number of bursaries are available, please ask.

About the programme's creator

Sarah Rozenthuler is a leadership consultant, dialogue coach and published author with over 15 years’ experience working internationally as a professional psychologist across Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. Sarah has coached and facilitated at senior levels for clients including BP, Rolls Royce, Intellectual Property Office, Standard Chartered Bank, World Bank and International Finance Organisation. With extensive, in-depth expertise in leadership development, Sarah specialises in coaching senior leaders and their teams to tune into their deeper purpose, resolve systemic challenges and have the conversations that matter most. Sarah is a Chartered Psychologist and accredited workplace mediator. How to Have Meaningful Conversations, Sarah’s first book, was published by Watkins in 2012 and 2019 (second edition.) Her next book, Powered by Purpose: Energise Your People To Do Great Work, will be published by Financial Times Pearson in 2020.

Working as a coach, facilitator, author and consultant Sarah-Jane Menato runs her own Cotswold based business. She is
a perceptive guide inviting people off well-worn paths, into their next iteration, and a future that’s emerging for them. She designs and delivers workshops and retreats that include; leadership development, re-defining success, and business start-up programmes for women. She mentors women entrepreneurs and also runs workshops using archetypes and myth as doorways to greater creativity and imagination as everyday resources. Sarah-Jane also works with people to resource them in support of an open hearted experience of endings. Her book, “Ariadne’s Thread and The Myth of Happily Ever After” was published July 2018.

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