Activating Purpose-Led Leadership

A 6-week online programme for leaders to energise their people to do great work

October – November 2020 | 2021 dates and in-company version coming soon!  

How do I create a compelling and sustainable vision of the future? How do I lead change in such a turbulent environment? How can I transform a group of talented individuals into a high performing team? If you’re a leader grappling with these questions, this emerging-edge programme is for you.

This 6-week online programme unpacks purpose-led leadership using an experiential approach, practical tools and real life stories. It is based on the book Powered by Purpose: Energise Your People to Do Great Work by Sarah Rozenthuler. In a series of 3-hour sessions, we explore the core capacities, systemic intelligence and radically different mindset needed to transform the way you work. It takes you through a series of integrated steps to embody the four core capacities of  purpose-led leadership that will enable you to feel alive at work, turbo charge your team and generate competitive advantage.


Participating in these sessions will enable you to expand your leadership skillset whether you are:

  • A business leader in the private, public or not-for-profit sector
  • An executive coach who catalyses change in organisations
  • A community leader with the vision to generate radical social change

The global pandemic has been a wake-up call for people everywhere. With climate change, biodiversity loss, rampant inequality and systemic racism, the pressure for change is mounting. Employees want meaningful work, investors seek sustainable value and societal expectations increasingly demand that organizations are centre stage in protecting our shared assets and creating a prosperous future. Maximizing profit to benefit the few is becoming outdated.

Many leaders want to help their organizations and teams to become a force for good in the world but lack the ‘know how’ to make this happen. Our lauded leadership styles that were finely adapted to the past reality will not carry us forward. Over the last decade the business case for purpose-driven organisations has grown but the leadership required is still a ‘blackbox’, its inner workings hidden from view.  This is all set to change!

Participating in this programme will enable you to bring more of your whole self to work and unlock the best potential of your whole system. Our aim is to support you to generate ‘whole outcomes’: a resilient organisation, a high performing team and buzzed individuals.

This programme generates three key positive outcomes:

  • When you move beyond the profit or metric motive to focus on making a difference in the world, you strengthen your ability to engage team members, serve stakeholders and create new innovations.
  • When your team coalesces around a shared purpose, you build trust, pull together and deliver extraordinary results. Having a common ‘why’ enables your team to navigate conflict effectively and have constructive dialogue.
  • When you do what is uniquely yours to do, you find your work more and more interesting. You access new resources as you move more deeply into your true potential and best future possibilities.

A further benefit of participating in this programme is that you will be part of a learning community with peers who are also interested in the power of purpose. We intend to encourage participants to become learning buddies who will stay in touch long after the programme has finished so that the sharing continues.

The heart of this programme is bringing to life the four core capacities of purpose-led leadership (as outlined in the book Powered by Purpose: Energise Your People to Do Great Work):

  • Cultivate leadership presence – Accurately tune into what you sense the ‘new now’ calls for
  • Make dialogue authentic - Deepen your listening and build trusting relationships
  • Engage your stakeholders – Reliably map your ecosystem and reach out to those you impact
  • Connect on purpose – Articulate and live a potent ‘why’ for you and your team

Modules 1-4 will focus on the four capacities of purpose-led leadership. Modules 5-6 will cover how to tune your team with a compelling purpose and how to step more fully into your own purpose.

Throughout all six modules we will work with Jan Rakowicz, a ‘presence coach’, to keep us rooted in the present moment so that we stay energized and focused whilst working on screen. We will be guided to stay in touch with our felt-sense of what’s happening right now that will transform the way we think and what our emerging future is calling us to do.

Module 1: Introducing the Four Capacities of Purpose-Led Leadership

In Module 1, we will explore what purpose means to you and how to get started on the journey to become purpose-led. We will learn about:

  • How successful organizations have an authentic, lived purpose rather than an espoused ‘why’ (using the Organisational Purpose Diamond tool.)
  • How you can step into the new paradigm of purpose-led leadership and not get stuck in an outdated command-and-control leadership style.
  • How to deepen your resilience and inspire your team during these turbulent times by identifying the resources you can draw on to strengthen you.

Module 2: How to Generate Authentic Dialogue through Leadership Presence

In Module 2, we will explore how authentic dialogue is about talking and thinking together about what matters most. We will cover:

  • How to move from debate to dialogue by focusing on the longer term, a wider set of stakeholders and the bigger issues beyond the spreadsheet
  • How to enable people to contribute their best ideas by creating a safe and energising ‘container’ that can hold the tension of diverse perspectives.
  • How to build trusting relationships by becoming more aware of your inner 'beingness' so that you bring more ease to your interactions.

Module 3: How to Engage Stakeholders with a Potent ‘Why’

In Module 3, we will look at how a stakeholder is anyone who has an interest in what an organisation is doing, including the environment and future generations. We will cover:

  • How to uncover your organisation’s most compelling purpose through mapping your stakeholders and seeing who’s at risk of being overlooked.
  • How to build bridges with key stakeholders by sensing into the energetic field of your leadership ecosystem and identifying the key ‘acupressure points’ for positive change.
  • How to enable stakeholders to form an emotional connection with the organisation’s purpose through ‘embodied cognition.’

Module 4: The Fourth Capacity: How to Connect on Purpose

In Module 4, we will explore how to align a system around a compelling ‘why’ by seeing the whole ‘fishtank’ (or system) and not just the individual ‘fish’ (people). We will explore:

  • Why a systemic approach is needed in order to resolve repeating patterns such as a poorly performing team or fighting between departments in a sustainable way.
  • How to ‘clean the fishtank’ and create a flow of positive energy in your organization by doing a ‘scan’ using five underpinning systemic principles.
  • How to bring greater alignment to a system by having a compelling purpose that acts like a ‘magnet’ and unlocks the energy to achieve excellence.

Module 5: Turbo Charge Your Team with a Compelling Purpose

 In Module 5, we will look at how a clear, shared purpose is central to being a high performing team. We will cover:

  • How high performing teams have an authentic, shared purpose rather an ‘espoused’ purpose (using the Team Purpose Diamond tool.)
  • How you can evolve your team purpose from the ‘commissioned purpose’ into a more compelling purpose through deeper dialogue.
  • How to bring to life the team’s purpose by creating a sense of belonging for each team member.

Module 6: Step into your Personal Purpose and Best Future Possibilities

 In Module 6, we will look at how you can find and follow your heart’s desire. We will experience:

  • How aligned your personal purpose is with your organization’s purpose and what you can do to manage any tensions you identify.
  • How you can step more fully into your true purpose rather than get stuck living a counterfeit version (using the Personal Purpose Diamond tool.)
  • How you can pick up the ‘thread’ of your unique purpose by noticing ‘signal moments’, ‘crucible moments’ and synchronicities that resonate for you.



Programme and Booking Details

2021 dates coming soon!

Module 1: Introducing the Four Capacities of Purpose-Led Leadership

Tuesday 20 October 2020, 2-5pm UK

Module 2: How to Generate Authentic Dialogue through Leadership Presence

Tuesday 27 October 2020, 2-5pm UK

Module 3: How to Engage Your Stakeholders

Tuesday 3 November  2020, 2-5pm UK

Module 4: How to Connect on Purpose

Tuesday 10 November 2020, 2-5pm UK

Module 5:  Turbo Charge Your Team with a Compelling Purpose

Tuesday 17 November 2020, 2-5pm UK

Module 6: Step into your Personal Purpose and Best Future Possibilities

Tuesday 24 November 2020, 2-5pm UK


All sessions will take place online. We will send you the login details once you've registered.


Corporate funded fee £1350+ VAT

Not-for-profit funded fee £950 + VAT

Individually funded fee £650 + VAT

A number of bursaries are available. Please ask. Fee includes the six online sessions and all materials. If you'd like to be supported with individual coaching sessions for the duration of the programme, please let us know and we'll agree a fee with you to cover this.
About the programme's creator

Sarah Rozenthuler - Lead Facilitator

Sarah Rozenthuler is a chartered psychologist, dialogue coach and leadership consultant with over 15 years’ international experience consulting to many different organisations including Associated British Foods, BP, Discovery Inc, Standard Chartered Bank, the World Bank, IUCN and other not-for-profit organisations.

Sarah founded Bridgework Consulting in 2007 to connect leaders with a compelling purpose, enabling organisations to become a force for good in the world.

As the author of How to Have Meaningful Conversations, Sarah has in-depth expertise in uplifting people, performance and profit through effective dialogue and purposeful leadership. Her next book, Powered by Purpose: Energise Your People To Do Great Work will be published by FT Pearson in autumn 2020.

Jan Rakowicz - Presence Coach 

Jan Rakowicz is a presence coach, listening ear, and systemic team coach with a passion for supporting executives who want to bring their 'wise-self' to work, home, and play. He is an Associate Consultant of Bridgework  and Founder CEO of Matrix Coaching and Consulting.

With over 20 years of operational management and interdisciplinary consultancy expertise, Jan has consulted on business strategy to businesses, advised on fundraising strategy to the not-for-profit sector, and coached leadership teams to think together and engage their stakeholders.

Jan was Managing Director of the niche consultancy Mira Kelly Ltd for 4 years after working abroad for over 20 years in The Netherlands, Poland and France for BCG, Monitor Company and Société Générale. He is tri-lingual in English, Polish and French, speaks German and basic Dutch. Jan holds an MBA, BSc (Eng) in Mechanical Engineering, HNC in Music Performance, Certificate in Practical Shiatsu, Certificate in Systemic Team Coaching®, and Certificate in Coaching.

Michael Cahill - Co-Facilitator
Michael Cahill is a trainer, systemic coach and facilitator who blends a rich and deep knowledge of coaching and facilitation with his considerable experience of business and investment to inspire transformation. A former equity analyst, Michael is the author of the highly acclaimed The Financial Times Guide to Making the Right Investment Decisions.
Before becoming an Associate Consultant of Bridgework, Michael spent sixteen years in the City as an analyst including ten years in a number one rated team at UBS. After leaving UBS, he taught finance and equity valuation to a variety of investment banks, senior board members, investor relations teams, PR and financial journalists.
Michael's work ranges from facilitating purpose, strategy and values workshops, to teaching NLP and systemic coaching, to one-on-one coaching with senior executives and entrepreneurs.
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